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Civil War Costumes for Kids or Adults

October 23rd, 2019 | Comments Off on Civil War Costumes for Kids or Adults

You can celebrate American patriotism by wearing a classic Civil War era costume or traditional US historical figure outfit. If you're shopping for a good quality Civil War costume at an affordable price, you are at the right place! We have organized a helpful list of costumes to guide you find the latest deals on American Union and Confederate soldier and officer uniforms available for sale online. Since your children are coming back in school for the new academic year, they may need a historical costume for class project, history presentation, or a school play. We found good bargains on both Union or Confederate soldier costumes in either boy or men's sizes. If you need Civil War costume ideas for any patriotic events, historical reenactments, school plays, dress up parties, or Halloween, check out these Union and Confederate uniform costumes on sale! With overnight shipping available, you can still order online to receive your costume by your deadline!

Best Civil War Costume Ideas

Child General Ulysses S. Grant Costume Deluxe General Ulysses S. Grant Costume for Kids

This deluxe Union general costume not only includes the stylish General Grant tunic jacket with gold tone buttons and star patches, it also includes important accessories such as the Union hat, faux beard, belt, and faux leather boot tops. This child General Ulysses Grant costume is a great deal for those who need a complete Union costume set for kids. Available in sizes medium, large, or extra-large.

Child General Robert E. Lee Costume Deluxe Child General Robert E. Lee Costume

If you are looking for a deluxe Confederate costume, this is a great bargain. This set includes the essential historical accessories such as the grey Confederate hat, grey beard, gauntlets, and boot tops. Available in boy sizes medium to x-large.

Teen Civil War Soldier Union Costume Teen Union Officer Costume

This Civil War costume is designed to fit teenage boys who need a Union Officer uniform costume. Great for school plays or historical reenactments. Available in teen size 16-18.

Teen General Lee Confederate Costume Teen Confederate Officer Costume

If you need a teen General Lee costume, this Confederate officer uniform will be the right size for teenage boys who need a size 16-18. Click for more details.

Adult Confederate Officer Halloween Costume Men's Confederate Officer Costume

This Civil War costume includes a Confederate grey jack with gold buttons/trimmings and matching pants. Adult men sizes standard or extra-large.

Adult Union Officer Costume Union Officer Costume

If you need an adult size Civil War Union Soldier uniform, this costume will fulfill your needs. This adult men's Union officer costume includes both the blue jacket gold buttons/trims and matching pants. Men size standard or x-large. Hat sold separately.

Confederate Office Uniform Confederate Office Uniform

This high quality Confederate Civil War costume will make you just like a real Confederate Officer during the Civil War era. Jacket fits up to size 46 and elastic waist pants to fit comfortably up to 42". Click for more details.

Deluxe Confederate General Costume Confederate General

This uniform is a rental quality costume that can be used professionally for theater and historical reenactments. This features a grey Confederate jacket decorated with gold cuffs and buttons, yellow sash, matching grey pants.

Deluxe Union Officer Costume
Union General Costume

This is a rental quality uniform for a Union General. This costume features a navy blue long coat with gold trim, matching light blue pants, red sash.

Child Civil War Union Officer Costume Union Officer Costume for Kids

This good quality child Union officer costume features a jacket, pants and sash. Not only are these boy's outfits great for Halloween, these are popular for school plays or American historical reenactment events! Boy sizes small, medium, and large. Child hat sold separately.

Robert E. Lee Kid Confederate Costume General Lee Costume for Kids

This is the child version of General Robert E. Lee's costume which features a Confederate gray officer coat and pants, with gold color and sash. Confederate officer hat sold separately. Available in boy sizes small, medium, or large.

Child Union Officer Costume Child Union Officer Costume
This Civil War costume for older kids features a long sleeved blue Union Officer shirt and matching pants. (Hat & toy rifle prop are sold separately.) Available in size 12-14 for boys.

Confederate Officer Kids Costume Kids Confederate Officer Costume
This child Confederate costume includes the grey shirt with long sleeves and matching grey pants. Hat sold separately. Available in boy sizes small, medium, and large.

These historical costume listings feature both low price and deluxe civil war costumes that best suit your budget. You can choose between a Union Soldier or a Confederate Solider or even dress up as the late President Abraham Lincoln. The War Between the States was one of the original names for the American Civil War that begun officially in 1861 when 11 Southern states announced their secession from the United States, forming the Confederacy which was known as the Confederate States of America. The North and border states that remained were named the Union during the war which lasted four years until 1865 when the Confederacy finally surrendered.