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Union Soldier / Officer Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you are searching for a good quality child Union soldier uniform or Union officer costume, check out these kids Civil War costume ideas for 2019. These kids soldier costumes are also good for school presentations and plays. These outfits are available online for sale at bargain discount prices. If you are shopping for a good quality Civil War Union costume, we recommended the premium Union Officer Costume listed below. If you are shopping on a budget, we also found some good deals on Civil War costumes for children too.

Child Civil War Union Officer Costume Union Officer Costume for Kids

This child size traditional Civil War costume includes a Union style jacket, matching pants and sash. Great for many patriotic events, school presentations, children plays, or even Halloween. Available in boy sizes small (size 4-6), medium (size 8-10), and large (size 12-14).

Teen Civil War Soldier Union Costume Teen Union Officer Costume

This Civil War costume is designed to fit teens who need a Union Officer uniform costume. Available in size 16-18. Click for more additional information.

Child Union Officer Costume Kids Union Officer Costume

This child Civil War costume features a blue Union officer shirt and matching pants. Available in child sizes 8-10 & 12-14.

Child General Grant Costume Deluxe Child General Grant Costume

With this complete historical Civil War outfit, your child can become Union General Ulysses S Grant. This includes the blue Union style jacket with detailed accessories, hat, beard, belt, and faux leather boot tops. Available in boys sizes medium to X-large.

Kids Union Officer Hat Kids Union Officer Hat

Add this essential Civil War accessory to make your child's Union outfit complete!

Adult Union Officer Costume Men's Union Officer Costume

This Union officer costume for adult men includes a blue Union jacket with gold buttons/trims and matching pants. Men size standard or x-large.

Child General Robert E. Lee Costume Deluxe Child General Robert E. Lee Costume

This new outfit for 2016 is a great deal if you are looking for a deluxe Confederate costume which includes the essential historical accessories such as the grey Confederate hat, grey beard, gauntlets, and boot tops. Available in boy sizes medium to x-large.

Adult Confederate Officer Halloween Costume Men's Confederate Officer Costume

This Civil War costume includes a Confederate grey jack with gold buttons/trimmings and matching pants. Adult men sizes standard or extra-large.

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